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Survey Drawings: Why You Should Enter Survey that Offer Drawings as Compensation

When you start taking surveys, you will notice different types of reward systems on different paid surveys websites.  They are three different reward types: Cash/Paypal, Points, or Survey Drawings.

Cash/Paypal is self-explanatory.  After you reach minimum payout, your earnings from the paid surveys are sent to you by check or deposited in your Paypal account.

The point system is same as cash.  Usually, if you earn 100 points, it equals to $1 when cashing out.

Now, we have the surveys that compensate a survey taker by entering them in drawings.  Some people frown on this type of compensation but many do not realize the positives that this type of compensation has to offer.

Most surveys have a limited number of participants and there are usually more than a few drawing prizes to be given. The odds are good and the rewards can be higher.  It’s just like a raffle ticket, you have a 50% of winning or losing.

So, now you can see what Survey Drawings aren’t so bad after all.



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